High Five - Experience
Grand Opening: High Five x20
October 06 at 16:00 GMT!
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Main Server Rates

Dynamic system

All Mobs

XP/SP: x20
L-Store: Dynasty PvP
L-Coins: 35%

Boss Solo

XP/SP: x100
Drop: Jewels 10% to 45%
L-Coin: 100%


XP/SP: x150
Adena: x50
L-Coin: 200%

Premium Transcendent

XP/SP: x150
Adena: x60
L-Coin: 400%
We created a solo farm system for casual players that is similar to the Essence version, with crafter for L-Coins, L-Coins are obtained by killing monsters with higher drops in Transcendent instances. Several solo instances for you to get your jewels and items without having to play for hours and hours, or be in a clan.

General server rates

Adena: x20
Drop Chance: x4 100%
Spoil Chance: x4 100%
RB XP/SP: x1
Drop from RB: x1
The server rates were determined based on the fact that we want the levels to be challenging enough, meaning we want players to be engaged and interested throughout their journey!
Basic Information Wiki
Base server version: CT 2.5 High Five v273
Client Interface: Retail
Buffs / Dances / Songs / Prophecies
  • Buff: 2 Hour
  • Dances: 2 Hour
  • Dances, 3rd Class: 2min (Retail)
  • Total buff slots 28 + 4 (Divine inspiration) and 12 Songs/Dances
  • Buffs are available via ALT + B in the game (level 6 needed)
Auto-pickup drops from monsters and manual pickup from raid bosses
Auto-select adena from monsters
Mana Potions: Restores 1000 MP with 10 SECONDS Cooldown
1st, 2nd and 3rd profession Free!
Maximum number of clients per computer: 2
Auto learning skills, whitout forgotten scroll

We have rewards for content creators, clans and their members!

New Clans created automatically receive level 11

Clan Bonuses!

Bonuses for streamers!

For more information on bonuses for clans and content creators, please contact our community manager on discord send a private message to Sr Magnus.
All rules on system
  • Main + 3
  • Max Subclass Lv: 85
  • Is Free
By HOURS events
Events take place relative to Server time (/time in game to get server time). Events are calculated automatically, and all players will receive an invitation, even if they are not in the city.
Events are available for players level 55 and above. Only one character can be registered per HWID. Also note that players who were not active during the event will not receive any rewards.

Team vs Team

Winner: 400 Event Coins
Loser: 60 Event Coins
The player with the most kills on each team receives an additional 200 Event Coins

Event Time:

  • 00:00
  • 04:00
  • 12:00
  • 18:00
  • 20:00

Korean Style

Winner: 300 Event Coins
Loser: 60 Event Coins
The player with the most kills on each team receives an additional 100 Event Coins and 20 Event Coins for each kill

Event Time:

  • 01:00
  • 07:00
  • 14:00
  • 19:00
  • 23:00


Deathmatch - is an individual event in which the amount of Event Coins received depends solely on you! Each kill in Deathmatch earns 20 Event Coins

Event Time:

  • 10:00
  • 16:00
  • 22:00
Information about the appearance and entry

Raid Bosses

• Queen Ant Lv 40.

• Tiat, 9 player min.

• Freya Hard, 13 player min.

• Zaken Day, 5 player min.

• Zaken Nightly, 18 player min.

• Zaken Ultra Day, 9 player min.

• Frintezza, 9 player min.

Normal Raid Bosses

Raid bosses will spawn relative to the server time, you can use the /time command to get the server time.

On community Alt+B have all list info for normal raid bosses.

Normal Raid Bosses: 24 hours + 0-6 hours randomly
Premium Account Bonuses
Experience (XP): + x2.5
Skill Points (SP): + x2.5
Adena: + x2.5
Drop Chance: + x2.5
L-Coin Drop: +100%
Spoil Chance: + x2.5
Craft Chance: +5%
Enchant Chance: +15%
Experience Loss (XP): No XP loss
World Shouts: Additional 20 World Shouts (via &) per day
Please note that 7 DAYS Premium costs 100 Donate Coin, 14 DAYS Premium costs 170 Donate Coin and 30 DAYS Premium costs 300 Donate Coin.
Adena Store and L-Coin Information


  • L-Coin is the main and single currency on the server. It can be used to purchase various items from the L-Coin store.
  • L-coins cannot be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store or other stores, however, you can still exchange 10000 L-coins for one box of L8k (8000 L-coins).
  • L-coins can be obtained by growing monsters, raid bosses, participating in events, olympiad, castle siege, random creation.
  • The frequency of dropping L-coins depends on the level of the monster.
  • L-coins move into the character's inventory like adena and have no weight.

L-Coin Store

  • Information about L-Coins and L-Coin Store, the number of coins your character has and the L-Coin Store button is available in a special window under the map.
  • You can buy different items in the L-Coin store. The store is divided into 6 categories: "Popular", "Agathions", "Equipment", "Essentials", "Miscellaneous". and "Aden's Shop".
  • You can get the necessary equipment in exchange for L-coins. However, most items in the L-Coin Store are level and quantity limited.
  • You will also be able to buy items such as Talisman of Aden / Talisman of Eva / Talisman of Speed for adena in the "Adena Shop" tab.
  • There is a limit to the purchase of certain items in the L-Coin Store with Adena. The limit resets every day at 6:30 AM server time.

Game Assistant

  • You can buy C-grade weapons/armor and consumables;
  • Coupons for the best weapons and armor C-grade +4 can be exchanged through Game Assistant.
  • Share items within characters on your account via Game Assistant.
Clan Activity


  • Gludio, Dion, Aden, Rune, Schuttgart:
  • Sunday, 20:00 server time. GMT0
  • Giran, Oren, Innadril, Goddard:
  • Sunday, 22:00 server time. GMT
  • Siege Duration: 2 Hours.
  • End of registration: 24 hour before the start of the siege.
  • Reward: Fame every 5 min, 300 Reputation.

Territory War

  • Time: Saturday, 22:00 server time. GMT
  • Duration: 2 Hours.
  • Reward: Fame every 5 min, 120 Reputation, Flag Territory with STATS, etc.
Individual skill and ability

Olympics configurations

  • Olympics end day 1, 11 and 21
  • Hero delivered 12:00 server time /time
  • Matches are played from 18:00 to 00:00 server time.
  • The minimum entry requirement to start a match is:
  • Classed: 11 players
  • Non-Classed: 4 players
  • Team: 6 players
  • Max Enchant: +6
  • Implemented a notification showing the name and class of the opponent when entering the arena of the Olympiad
Important Information Wiki
The features in this section are not final and are subject to change during the beta phase of the project.

Dynamic rate system

The dynamic experience rate system has been designed to satisfy casual and competitive players alike! We understand that players spend the majority of their time leveling up and this can often be stressful. By implementing the stage system, we get rid of that and allow players to be more relaxed and more involved in other activities such as PvP. Another benefit of the stage system is that players who join after the server has launched can catch up faster and make an impact! PHASE I will take effect once the server is open. Information about when the stages will take place will be announced in our official facebook!


Normal (XP/SP x5): 1-75 Lv.
Hard (XP/SP x2): 76 Lv. and higher


Easy (XP/SP x10): 1-75 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x5): 76-81 Lv.
Hard (XP/SP x2): 82 Lv. and higher


Easy (XP/SP x10): 1-81 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x5): 82-84 Lv.
Hard (XP/SP x2): 85 Lv. and higher


Easy (XP/SP x15): 1-84 Lv.
Normal (XP/SP x5): 85 Lv. and higher

Zone Upgrades

Increased the number of monsters and reduced the respawn time of monsters for a more comfortable gameplay! For example,
  • Abandoned camp.
  • Ruins of agony.
  • Ruins of despair.
  • Valley of the Dragon.
  • Tower of Insolence.
  • Lair of Antharas.
  • Imperial tomb.
  • And much more.

Classic Experience Table

The maximum Level is 90, the classic experience table has been reworked. Examine the table below to see the differences in experience before and after the change.
Level General experience before General experience after
85 1,548,349,947,995 1,148,349,947,995
86 5,922,756,602,035 2,122,756,602,035
87 12,484,366,583,095 3,484,366,583,095
88 22,982,942,552,791 6,182,942,552,791
89 35,581,233,716,426 10,581,233,716,426
90 50,699,183,112,788 20,699,183,112,788

Reworked missions

Some mission rewards were unnecessary. Instead, we have replaced unnecessary items from missions with more useful ones. For example,
  • Removed buff scrolls.
  • Removed 2-HOURS rune 100% experience.
  • Added temporary epic level 2 jewelry at levels 78-80.
  • Added temporary puppets at levels 87-89.
  • Added 12,8000 boxes of L-Coin to the level 90 reward.

New zones

Lair of Antharas. Antharas' Lair now has high-level monsters (84 and above). All monsters in this location have a chance to get a Golden Treasure Chest. The possible items that can be obtained from the Golden Treasure Chest can be seen in the picture below.
Zone of an ancient pirate tomb.
  • Monsters in the zone of the tomb of ancient pirates - 81-83 levels.
  • No drop from monsters (except L-Coin).
  • Only characters of level 78 and above can enter this zone.
  • The time spent in the Ancient Pirates' Tomb area is limited per day.
  • Time can be extended with the Ancient Pirate Tomb Extension Stone up to 360 MINUTES (6 HOURS).
  • You can get the key to Goldberg's room from Goldberg`s Stewart.
  • Stuart Goldberg has a 10-20 (random) MINUTES respawn timer and spawns in a random part of the Ancient Pirate's Tomb area.
Goldberg Room (disabled in STAGE I).
  • Goldberg's room is an instance zone for characters level 78 and above.
  • You can get into the zone from Aden through the NPC Sora.
  • To enter the zone, your party leader must have the key to Goldberg's room in their inventory.
  • The key to Goldberg's room will be removed when you enter.
  • You can only enter if you belong to a group of 2-7 characters. Players have 20 MINUTES to complete an instance.
  • Chests can drop S-grade gem/keys/recipes and A-grade weapon/armor chests.
  • The reward depends on the number of group members.

S-rank craft

We have received suggestions from our players that S-rank crafting is not an easy task. And because of this, the amount of resources to craft an S-grade item has been reduced.

Essence client interface

Most of the players in our community are accustomed to the kamael/essence client, so here in Amaze we will also have a modern Essence interface. Autofarm system without delay will work great with 8-HOURS buffs. However, we note that the revenge system will be disabled (along with the "share location and teleport to bosses" feature).

Random Creation

The main ideas of Random Craft are as follows
  • Random Craft allows characters to create various items: weapons, armor, spell scrolls, epic accessories and other items.
  • Random Craft does not require special recipes, only adena and crafting points.
  • You can disassemble various items, such as materials, weapons and armor, including enchanted items, to get crafting points.
  • The Random Craft window displays 5 random items in slots.
  • Random Craft consumes 1,000,000 adena and 1 craft point, and the character can get 1 out of 5 items from the list. The probability is the same for all items.
  • B-grade items will be available from server start.

Ability Point System

  • A character level 80 and above gains a stat point when they level up.
  • You can allocate the received stat points in the character info window (ALT + T)
  • Allocated points can be reset for a fee by clicking the "Reset" button. After reset, spent stat points are saved
  • After receiving a certain stat value, a bonus passive skill is activated. You can check the list of bonus skills in the statistics management window

Attendance Rewards

  • All players can receive login rewards every day
  • You can track your progress in a special "Attendance" window. Appears every time you enter the game
  • Premium players can receive this reward immediately after logging in, and non-premium players can receive this reward after 30 MINUTES online

Rating system

The main ideas of the rating system are as follows
  • The rating system collects information about the levels of all characters on the server, as well as among a particular race.
  • The best rank characters get buffs. Buffs are applied according to the character's place in the rank during the daily restart.
  • For 1st place on the server, the label "Rank 1." A character who takes 1st place among his race is assigned the label "Race 1".
  • Chat messages of characters of ranks 1-3 are marked with bronze goblet symbols.
  • Players at the top of their race receive race transformations (see picture below).